Umsha By Uzma Babar showcases its Luxury Bridal Collection “Zeenat” at Hum Bridal Couture Week’21

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Uzma Babar debuts her latest luxury bridal collection ‘Zeenat’ at this year’s HUM Bridal Couture Week, 2021, where she is showcasing her regal designs, infusing confidence with a touch of traditional poise found in the bride of otherday.

‘Zeenat’ incorporates all the colours, rich texture and allure, creating the magic every bride wants on her special day. With hand-stitched motifs decorating a beautifully crafted design, Uzma Babar has manifested a vision, adding to it the patterns depicting all the joys of the wedding season that are cherished in Pakistan. Festivities, lights, happiness, and beauty shine through in this collection which can be seen by all in the Bridal Couture Showcase held in Lahore, on the 5th of February. 

Unveiling a sacred world of its own, Umsha’s luxury bridal collection has been tailor-made for a bride who looks forward to celebrating her wedding day, with the infused works and fabrics showcasing the enchanting journey she is embarking on.

‘Zeenat’ is a collection made to reveal all its beauty and secrets on the ramp, where the true meaning of the namesake – grace – will become more than evident as the biggest bridal fashion show of the year plays host to its much-awaited appearance!