‘Fake news’: Wasim Akram hits back at Indian media

Lahore (NUT-DESK)

Former Pakistan captain and legendary fast bowler Wasim Akram Tuesday rejected rumours he was vying for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman post, adding that he was “never interested in it”.  Responding to a report by the Indian publication Times of India, Wasim Akram rubbished reports he was trying to land the job.

“Please stop spreading such fake news. Get your sources right. TOI is one of India’s top and credible newspapers and such baseless news can only hurt that image,” he tweeted.

“PCB chairman’s post is a specialised job and I was never interested in it. Thank God, I am content where I am in my life,” he added.

In a subsequent tweet, Wasim Akram congratulated commentator Ramiz Raja for his nomination to the PCB board of governors, expressing the confidence that Raja can bring positivity to Pakistan cricket as “he has the vision and experience to achieve that”.

“Pakistan cricket needs a big lift and my support is with you,” tweeted the former captain.

The Times of India report which Wasim refuted said that the former left-arm fast bowler had indicated his interest in the post, as per a PCB insider.

However, the report said PM Imran Khan had gone ahead with the decision to appoint Ramiz Raja to the PCB chairman post instead as “he had no baggage to carry with him”.

But this time Wasim had shown interest but eventually the premier settled upon Ramiz who has never come under the shadow of match-fixing allegations as a player or captain,” the report stated, citing the source.