A new-age revenge thriller to look out for!

Lahore (Nut Desk) A man is kidnapped and held hostage in his car by 3 members of a dangerous gang. But what appears to be a straight-forward kidnapping turns out to be an intricate tale of deception, vengeance and retribution. Each progressive scene during the kidnapping is linked with impactful scenes from the past, producing a cohesive non-linear story that ends with a series of mind-boggling, yet ultimately satisfying twists.

Set in a fictional version of modern-day Karachi where life is fast and furious, Carma branches away from the romantic comedy genre, and follows the path set by iconic director Quentin Tarantino. Directed & produced by renowned Music and Video Producer Kashan Admani (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kashan_Admani), Carma shows us how he has seamlessly translated a gripping screenplay in to riveting audio-visual storytelling. Complementing this with a self-composed enthralling score and beguiling tracks performed by international & local musicians, Kashan has also injected the film with sound that invokes the audience’s emotions behind the film’s theme and feel. The integration of live-action footage with international quality special effects complete the visual treat. Cinematographer Farhan Golden, too, must be commended for adding a Hollywood feel to the film, perfectly defining light and space to create compelling scenes.  

Written & co-produced by Fawad Hai, Carma is a no holds barred, in-your-face, new-age revenge thriller that intends to change your perception of Pakistani cinema. The movie title is a play on the word ‘Karma’ as it has a unique screenplay shot entirely in and around Cars. It touches on sensitive topics in society including child labor, adultery, women empowerment, pedophilia, betrayal and greed while maintaining an enthralling revenge thriller feel.

 Carma boasts a star-studded blend of seasoned & dynamic actors including the evergreen superstar Adnan Siddiqui; Osama Tahir and Navin Waqar as the dazzling young couple with cryptic agendas up their sleeves; British singer and actor Lili Caseley as the protagonist’s love interest; Zhalay Sarhadi as the intimidating boss of the crime gang; Paras Masroor, Umer Alam and Vajdaan Shah as dangerous gang members; and seasoned actors Khaled Anam & Arjumand Rahim lending impactful cameos.

The vibrant Kashan Admani feels that his movie would be best suited for cinema because of the way it has been visualized and executed. “I was always intrigued by the numerous stories of Car snatchings and abductions in Karachi, and wanted to highlight this in a feature. Through Carma, my collaborator Fawad and I managed to fictionalize this concept and carve it in to a film that breaks away from the run-of-the-mill themes and helps our industry move towards a direction we believe is right. I am grateful to all my cast and crew members for giving their 110% and can’t wait for everyone to watch the film in a cinema soon.”

The credits for Carma are as follows:

Director: Kashan Admani

Writer: Fawad Hai

Producers: Kashan Admani & Fawad Hai

Director of Photography: Farhan Golden

Music & Background score: Kashan Admani

Line Producer: Irfan Hussain

Editor: Zaid Shah

VFX: Owais Alam

Post Production: Dream Station Productions

Filming Locations: Karachi, Pakistan & London, UK

PR: Take II Client Management – PR and Media Consultants