I need Justice from Supreme Court of Pakistan said Mahmood Bhatti

Lahore (Nut Desk) International fashion designer Mahmood Bhatti has appealed to chief Justice of Pakistan to hear the cases against him and summon him to the Supreme Court. Addressing a press conference at his residence in Lahore with his lawyer Adnan Rame “I am interested in building an orphanage. I have a square of land on Multan Road. I gave my authority letter to a senior lawyer and he got the land in his and his wife’s name,” said Bhatti. It would have happened.

Everything has to stay here. This lawyer has registered 12 false cases against me. In Pakistan, the courts open at midnight and the verdict is given at 12:30 pm. I was also given justice and if building an orphanage is a crime then I should be sentenced to death for it. He said that I have been facing cases for a year now. If I come to Pakistan with tickets worth lakhs of rupees, if there are no cases against me, I will give the same money to the orphans.

Three cases against me have been dropped from the Sessions Court and the High Court. I do not call all the lawyers bad. I appeal to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to decide my own cases. If I am wrong, give me the death penalty on Minar Pakistan. My children do not come to Pakistan out of fear. If something happens to me, the same lawyer and his wife will be responsible.