YouTube to place ads on more videos, withhold taxes from creators starting 1 June


YouTube released an update of its Terms of Service coming into effect on 1 June 2021 which states that the platform will have advertisements on more videos and will be able to withhold taxes from payments to creators.

“Our most recent Terms of Service include updates on these specific topics: facial recognition data, YouTube’s right to monetize, and U.S. tax obligations. These Terms are effective in the United States starting November 2020, and outside the U.S. starting June 1, 2021,” the platform said.

Under the new update, YouTube will start placing ads “on a limited set of brand-safe videos on channels not in the YouTube Partner Program or not under a monetizing agreement.”

Before the new rules come into action, YouTube’s advertisement placements were only on content created under the YPP which only included creators who met a certain threshold in subscribers and views. The platform says there will be no changes to the YPP eligibility criteria.

All payments to which a creator is entitled through any partnership program will be treated as royalties.

“Google will withhold taxes from such payments as required by law,” the platform added.

The new terms have already been in effect in the United States since November 2020.