Vocational Training Program in Punjab

Vocational Training Program in Punjab to Include Digital Skills on eCommerce and Digital Trade.

Punjab Vocational Training Council and Extreme Commerce Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Train Youth in the Province.

 Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) The Punjab Vocational Training Council and Extreme Commerce have signed a memorandum of understanding to uplift the skill sets of the youth in Punjab. Extreme Commerce’s will offer its state-of-the art Video Boot Camp (VBC) for the training and capacity including initiatives, along with boosting the culture of entrepreneurship and E-Commerce.

Extreme Commerce has a VBC learning platform comprising of 100+ digital skills that offer interactive videos and training opportunities for skills development. Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) was established in 1998 on the basis of Public Private Partnership by the Government of Punjab. This MOU will further strengthen Punjab Vocational Training Council’s (PVTC) work providing ample opportunities for the youth of Punjab, with digital skills. 

Sunny Ali, the Founder and Chief Executive officer of Extreme Commerce said, “This is a landmark achievement by the Government of Punjab, where it has realized the digital transformation potential and has offered digital skills-sets to its citizens to enhance their knowledge and entrepreneurial aspirations”. Empowering youth with E-Commerce dynamism knowledge will open the windows of opportunity on a global level. Extreme Commerce will make its knowledge repository available as the learning platform to the Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC).

Speaking on the Occasion, Shahnawaz Badar, Chairman, Punjab Vocational Training Council said, “We have a vision to cement PVTC as a leading organization that provides professional vocational training to all the needy youth wherever they are in Punjab”. He further said, “We aim to achieve this by exceeding students’ expectations, rewarding its employees and providing suitable opportunities for all the students to start earning a reasonable livelihood”.

Keeping in consideration the latest trends based on market demands through Training Need Assessment (TNA) after conducting demographics survey at tehsil level, PVTC has developed a curricula for 65 various trades to cater for the growing demands of industrial, agriculture, health and service sectors. Apart from their regular vocational study & practical work, Life Skills and Social Entrepreneurship courses are compulsory for each trainee.

The training of these trades will be imparted through PVTC’s 210 Vocational Training Institutes (VTIs) established in vacant/underutilized Government buildings throughout Punjab with an annual training capacity of 60,000. PVTC maintains a healthy gender balance with a female to male ratio of 49:51 and is striving to enhance it further. So far, approximately 840,269 trainees have successfully graduated from PVTC, out of which about 82% have been gainfully employed or are working as entrepreneurs.

Extreme Commerce Pakistan’s first EdTech company specializing in E-Commerce and digital trade education and practices to train Pakistani youth to sell on online platforms. Extreme Commerce and PVTC’s memorandum of understanding will also aim to improve E-Commerce and digital trade literacy in the province as well.

The partnership between Extreme Commerce and PVTC, will be imparting knowledge skills on how to sell online platforms including Daraz, eBay, Alibaba and, Amazon platforms more efficiently with maximum customer satisfaction and potential to grow. The arrangement will facilitate the sellers to expand their enterprise further and improve their online skills, including formation of new businesses, creating stores, product branding and marketing. Extreme Commerce’s Video Boot Camp (VBC) is a collection of 100+ E-Commerce and digital money-making skills for global digital trade. VBC covers an extensive range of skills that builds and empower with eCommerce and digital trade skill sets to earn money by offering services to clients across the globe. It also capacitates on setting up own businesses and stores on national and international eCommerce platforms. Through this MOU, the technology enthusiasts can create and manage new businesses. The PVTC training recipients will also benefit from the rich knowledge resource available on the VBC platform as well. The partnership will be catalytic for the Pakistani digital exports market to cross the Rs. 100 Billion eCommerce trade in 2021.  

Extreme Commerce’s vision to make Pakistan a global e-commerce back-office hub has been acknowledged by international institutions as well. Extreme Commerce aims at developing a national e-commerce ecosystem through inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs. Being Pakistan’s largest e-commerce knowledge sharing and capacity building platform, Extreme Commerce has a community of more than half a million people nationwide. Whereas PVTC trains more than 60,000 professionals every year.

With this partnership the E-Commerce community in Punjab province will have access to specialized courses designed for business enthusiasts and registered members that will focus on experiencing training on digital trade, data analysis and other innovative solutions blooming on an international level.

Extreme Commerce is Pakistan’s first EdTech start up with a sole focus on skills development and capacity building within the E-Commerce and digital arena. Founded in 2017, it is the largest community of its kind in Pakistan, with well over half a million members and over 100+ courses and income streams to choose from. Extreme Commerce estimates that by 2025, it will foster a community of over 1 million strong, generating well over $1 billion in inward remittance for Pakistan.