Systems Limited Launches IT Mustakbil Training Program

“Systems Limited Launches IT Mustakbil Training Program Batch 2 with Ali Institute of Education”.

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir) Systems Limited launched IT Mustakbil Training program Batch 2 in collaboration with Ali Institute of Education after successful completion of Batch 1. The highly anticipated orientation session for Diploma in Computer Science under IT Mustakbil Training Program was organized at Ali Institute of Education for 175 trainees.

Toima Asghar, CHRO – Systems Limited officially welcomed the trainees from various educational backgrounds and leadership of Systems Limited and Ali Institute of Education. She congratulated the students and encouraged them to follow the footsteps of graduates of ITM Batch 1 who secured jobs in Systems Limited and a number of other companies. The graduates of ITM Batch 1 joined Systems Limited in the streams of Cloud & Infrastructure, Business Process Automation, Banking Financial Solutions, Integrations, Quality Assurance and Data Engineering.

Living legend, Syed Babar Ali graced the event and interacted with all trainees. He elaborated the vision of the program and role of Systems Limited in training youth of Pakistan. He said “We have provided a learning platform for you, now it depends upon you, how you can utilize this opportunity and get the best out of it. It is really important that you take this program seriously, as you have seen that the graduates first cohort have secured good jobs. We have provided you all the support you need to successfully complete this program, now you have to work hard and improve your quality of life for the betterment of your family and country.”

Succeeding that, Asif Peer, CEO & MD – Systems Limited, shared the way forward to the participants and prospects associated with this program. He said, “It is really exciting and heartening to see this program flourishing as we promised that we will take this program to not just one batch in Lahore but expand it to other cities. At Systems, we always believe in leading from the front, so all other industry players can follow this training model. I truly believe if other IT companies start training 100 resources, it will create a difference. We need to build an ecosystem with the help of public sector and other IT companies to train masses using the content and program which we developed.”

He further added, “We will do whatever it takes, to give you quality, content and mentorship, that will help you in getting jobs not just at Systems but outside Systems as well. If you work hard and show your strength, Systems has the capacity to absorb each and every person enrolled in this program. I always say that experience alone doesn’t make you expert, it’s your hunger and energy that trumps the experience.”

Sana Ahmad, Topper of ITM Batch 1 and Consultant AWS – Systems Limited welcomed the second batch of ITM and said, “You are all about to embark on a remarkable journey of learning and growth and my advice to you is to take it very seriously, because it holds the potential to reshape your future. It can unlock doors to several opportunities not only a job at Systems. In the coming six months, you will be surrounded by some of the best people in this industry, so use this opportunity wisely, reach out to them, be curious and ask questions. As being curious was the one common factor among all the trainees of ITM batch 1 who were selected for job at Systems.

Syeda Henna Babar Ali, Chairperson – DIC Pakistan & Advisor, Consumer Division – Packages Limited honored the event with her presence. Adeel Ahmed Chatha, Manager Industrial & Academia Linkages – Systems Limited, Sarah Faizan, Director – Ali Institute of Education, Anis Ahmad, Manager Administration & Finance – Ali Institute of Education and senior leadership of Systems Limited also participated in this event.