Punjabi Book on Sikh Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia launched in LHR.

Eminent scholars & academicians highlighted the important aspects of legend Sikh warrior’s life.

Lahore (Qasim Ali)

To commemorate the 300th birth year celebration of brave son of the soil and Punjabi ruler of 18th century Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia, an insightful book was launched in a literary evening held at Adbi bethak Punjabi Complex on sunday evening. Arranged by Thaap in collaboration with the Sardar Jaiteg Singh Anant from Hardarshan memorial international trust Canada and Canadian Ramgarhia Society the program was attended by eminent Punjabi scholars, academicians, and leading figures from different walks of the life.

Entitled “Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia” book is originally written by distinguished Punjabi scholar Prof. PrithiPal Singh Kapur in Gurumukhi whereas Prof. Ashiq Raheel has translated it in Shahmukhi for Pakistani readers. Published by Sanjh publications, books is a sincere account of life history of prominent Sikh Sardar of Ramgarhia Dynasty of 18th Century. Speakers talked about the important aspects of Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia’s life in their brief talks.

Dr. Naveed Shahzad from Punjab University presided the evening, whereas Dr. Nadeela Rehman and Dr. Mehboob Hussain were chief guests. Principal Govt. Islamia College Railway Road, Prof. Ibad Nabeel Shad hosted the evening.  He welcomed all the participants on behalf of Sardar Jaiteg Singh Anant from Hardarshan Memorial International Trust and Canadian Ramgarhia society.

The evening commenced with the presentation of the research paper. Noted researcher Iqbal Qaiser paid rich tribute to the Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia for his bravery in front of the invaders and highlighted significant features of his personality with references from folk poetry of baba Bhullay Shah. Prof. Akhtar Hussain Sandhu talked about the personality traits of legend Sikh Ruler. He narrated interested incidents of Sardar Jassa Singhs Ramgarhia’s life, ideology, tolerance, and love for humanity beyond the religious borders.

Dr. Nabeela Rehman shared that there is a dire need to revisit the history. She opined that this book presents befitting tribute to Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia by revealing his life, struggle, and important encounters of his era, which were being forgotten in history. She appreciated the harwork and efforts of Sardar Jaiteg Singh Annant for publication of the book in Shahmukhi.

Professor Sajida Haider Vandal asked the researchers to shed more light on Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia’s life besides just being the warrior general. Researchers should bring forth other aspects of his life, such as his style of architecture, patronage of art, and philosophical aspects.

Prof. Pervez Vandal paid glowing tribute to Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia Sikh general and architect of modern Lahore Bhai Ram Singh in his talk. He requested that promotion of Punjabi language and creating mass awareness about its glorious culture is our shared responsibility, and concrete measures are need of the hour in this regard.

Second chief guest of the evening, Dr. Mehboob Hussain discussed the various historical references presented in the book and paid his heartfelt tribute to Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia in his remarks. President of the evening Dr. Naveed Shahzad appreciated the accuracy of the contents of the book while giving credit to the writer, Prof. Prithihal Singh Kapur for his thorough research. He mentioned that writing truth is the foremost responsibility, and this book gets success in this test.

The evening concluded with the award distribution ceremony. Hardarshan Memorial International Trust Canada and Canadian Ramgarhia Society presented lifetime achievement awards to Prof. Ashiq Raheel and Iqbal Qaiser for their outstanding works for promotion of Punjabi language and other literary works and memorial awards were presented to professor Akhtar Hussain Sandhu and Qasim Ali for significant works in their respective fields.

During the ceremony, host Dr. Ibad announced on the behalf of Mr. Surinder Singh Jabbal, public relations officer of Canadian Ramgarhia Society that an award of 3 lakhs PKR would be given to one Pakistani student for completing the MPhil or PHD degree on Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia whereas 50 thousands PKR will be given to the supervisor of the research thesis too.