Shireen Lakdawala is Offering 30% Discount on Afreen Collection

To dream that you are growing into something or someone you see every day (as children) to be one, is not as easy as it sounds. You still need love, dedication, and a tendency to turn that into real work. That is exactly what Shireen Lakdawala continues to be.

What worked for her was that she made her entry while the women also began to quickly turn to the pastels, silencing and slowing down with cleverly designed techniques. She really won the hearts of the girls and became the top choice for the dress of the Pakistani designer. She has broken many myths with her collection and one about how pastels don’t go with every skin tone. But she knew her ability to play with numbers under the shadow of ivory, nuts and pink.

She recently unveiled her new collection called Afreen. What makes her label ‘Afreen’ unique is that it caters to youngsters — teenage to roughly 30 years. She pointed to a market gap and quickly headed in the opposite direction. The fabrics you will see most on this label are the intricate, net, thread, and sequin that work well for his team. Bling, chic and healthy the way they like it. Now that’s what we call passion.

You are offering a 30% discount on Afreen collections. You can now find 30% off in her Afreen collection at all Shireen Lakdawala stores and online.

Flexible fashion as a concept is a popular type because the idea is not to introduce the clothes of the year but to work with the existing ones by redesigning and re-translating the existing ones and using them as separates.

This one of the best Pakistani dress designers has participated in exhibitions in Chicago, Houston, Orlando, Los Angeles, Dallas and Toronto. It is known for helping women to learn what style is most appropriate for their unique personalities. It is greatly admired for her comfortable and friendly designs.

The design aesthetic of her collection is empowering and inspiring. The touch and feel of the fabric and aura of her label are something that a customer has always been awestruck by. She offers her clients a variety of bridal wear, party wear and formals. She focuses to ensure that dress is comfortable and attractive, according to body type, skin color and personality.

The idea was to incorporate a modern vintage and look at the urban market for most of the small crowd. Chic, elegant and stylish, the way people like it. Also, it was a smooth presentation because they knew the beat of their audience. With a passion and passion for traditional invention, it felt like it was coming to him with effort. Fabrics such as chanderi, zari, banarasi and kota are what define his label.