‘PSO has ample fuel reserves to meet nation’s needs’

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) “Pakistan State Oil has repudiated the news circulating in some sections of the media fomenting speculations about shortage of fuel in the country. PSO has clarified that there is no imminent shortage of fuel in the country as company has ample fuel reserves in its stocks and it’s being dispensed off as usual at all PSO retail outlets across Pakistan. On June 1, 2020, PSO sold more than 48,000 Metric Tons petroleum products across the country which comes to around a vessel’s quantity.  It is pertinent to mention here that company has received a cargo of around 58,000 MT of Mogas on 30 May 2020  to be followed by five (05) more cargoes around 60,000 MT each arriving during current month to meet the requirements. Keeping terminals and its depots operational 24/7 and taking these preemptive measures are a testament to PSO’s commitment to ensuring smooth fuel supplies nationwide”.