PFMA Elected New Chairman Mr. Imran Malik for year 2020-2021

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Imran Malik, MD Bata, has been elected New Chairman PFMA for the year 2020 2021. In his welcome speech, he thanked outgoing Chairman and Retiring EC members for their Contribution to Footwear Sector and to the Association. Mr. Imran showed his complete commitment for completion of all ongoing projects with special reference to IPFTC (Italian Pakistan Footwear Technology center) and will take this project to next level of excellence. He is determinant to best utilize this facility for betterment and growth of Footwear sector of Pakistan. He assured to take all necessary decision in consensus of Executive Committee for larger interest of Footwear sector.

After resuming charge, His prime objective is to make all out efforts to engage Government relevant organs to create conducive environment for future cooperation that can serve for benefit of exporters, Manufacturers, component supplies, Large, Medium and small Industries of footwear along with mutual interest of SMEs.

In his speech, He emphasis on challenges faced by Industry specially the cost of input that is biggest hindrance in making our product less competitive in international market. He assured to take up this issue with Government to provide tax concessions by abolishing Additional Custom duty on industry inputs. He strongly believes that our rebate to exporters should be equal and higher to our competitors’ countries. He pointed out DLTL is very important for exporters and he believe it should be 7% whereas presently it is 3%. DLTL regime is ending by next year. Mr. Imran efforts would be to take up matter with Ministry of Commerce to extend DLTL regime for next 3 years.

He’ll continue to seek guidance and suggestions from members to enhance the manufacturing base of Footwear that leads to increase in export and generate employments opportunities in the country.