Pakistan’s short film “Unmasking” won an award at an American film festival

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

Pakistan’s most award-winning short film “Unmasking” won the award for “The Best Film in Mental Health” at the “Cine Awards, Green Bay”, Wisconsin, USA, according to a statement from the film festival. I want to recognize the talent you bring to us, we will see it… keep the scene short, memorable and enjoyable”, the short film is written and directed by Khalid Hasan Khan, while Syed Awais Ali Presented by Shaam Ravi as DP, the film’s cast includes Ali E, Danish Wakil and Talal Farhat, the film deals with the subject of vaccine hesitancy and public health emergencies in the realm of infectious diseases.

Khaled Hasan Khan mentioned “Two years ago, on August 31, 2021, at the Istanbul Film Awards, after his first win from Turkey, the short film, “Unmasking”, thanks to its storytelling and the sheer talent of the actors, Ben Internationally, by far the most screened and award-winning film in Pakistani history, the film delves deep into a human psyche by analyzing human psychological variables and touches on a highly sensitive issue like vaccine hesitancy. “, previously “Unmasking” won Best Concept, Best Creative Film, Best Editing, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Writer, Best International Short Film and Best Foreign Film from various foreign international film festivals.

Won 12 international awards in the short film category.