OICCI organizes Industry Dialog on Climate Actions needed for Pakistan to achieve NDCs

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir)  The Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) organized the first of a series of Industry Dialogs to debate the various climate actions needed for Pakistan to achieve the Nationally Determined Commitments made at COP26.

The Industry Dialog builds on the effort started by the OICCI earlier this year through the Pakistan Climate Conference, which built on learnings from COP 26 to identify and implement efforts needed to promote positive climate actions and reduce climate change impact in Pakistan.

The Industry Dialog brought together local climate experts, policy makers and corporate decision-makers to share learnings and best practices to help Pakistan reduce climate impact. The main speakers at the event include Waqar Hussain Phulpoto, Focal Person, Department of Climate Change, Government of Sindh as well Ahmad Rafay Alam, prominent Environment Lawyer.

Since the beginning of 2022, the OICCI has taken a leading role to organize a national discourse on several critical areas to support Pakistan’s efforts for the commitments made at COP26. The OICCI has committed to organizing multiple Industry Dialogs to get national alignment on actions needed and will also be releasing a detailed White Paper in Q3 2022 on learnings from global climate experts, policy makers and corporate decision makers to help Pakistan craft its climate journey.

Mr. Ghias Khan, President OICCI, added “Pakistan has much to do to meet its ambitious Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs). The Pakistan Climate Conference was just the beginning and today’s Industry Dialog is the next step towards highlighting the climate best practices needed by the country.”

Mr. Amir Paracha, Vice President, OICCI, highlighted, “Climate change has a real and visible economic impact. I am confident that the efforts being made by the OICCI will lay the foundation for an action plan to help Pakistan meet its global climate commitments and ensure the sustainability of its economy.”

OICCI is the representative body of international investors operating in Pakistan, aiming to leverage the expertise of OICCI members for the benefit of the Investor and the Country. The OICCI draws on a diverse membership both in terms of sector and geography with the current 210 members representing 31 different countries and 14 different sectors of trade and industry.