New Pakistani-American Company RevSoft Enters the Emerging Tech Sector

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

Helmed by accomplished technology leader Saima Ali, RevSoft Global, an emerging Pakistani-American IT company, has entered the rapidly growing IT and software development sector in Pakistan, with the aim to match regional IT powerhouses. 

RevSoft is looking to secure international investments to propel Pakistan’s IT industry forward while making gender diversity and empowerment a central pillar of its philosophy.

Pakistan’s IT sector has been gaining significant traction globally, with projections indicating even more remarkable growth. Pakistani freelancers alone attracted export remittances of nearly $400 million in FY22 and rank fourth on Payoneer’s list of top freelancing countries. Additionally, the country annually produces more than 35,000 graduates in IT and other related fields, thanks to the government’s ongoing investments in education.

RevSoft’s commitment to inclusivity is represented in its innovative business model. RevSoft offers 100% remote opportunities, opening a spectrum of possibilities for women seeking flexible work schedules, ensuring that talented individuals, regardless of their circumstances, have the opportunity to contribute to the tech landscape. RevSoft aims to achieve a 20% increase in tech gender diversity, surpassing the current industry average of 17.08% and has pledgef that 10% of all its proceeds will be dedicated to scholarships, training programs, and grants for women in the tech sector.

As the Founder and CEO of RevSoft Global, Saima Ali brings over 25 years of global experience in software development and lifecycle management to her role. With a distinguished academic background from Harvard University and a track record of success across prestigious US corporations such as Fidelity Investments, MetLife, Cisco Systems, and Wells Fargo, Ali’s expertise and strategic acumen position RevSoft as a trailblazer in the industry.

Speaking on the launch Saima Ali said: “Having spent the better part of three decades in the American tech sector, RevSoft was the natural next step; To contribute to the growth and development of Pakistan’s IT sector. Our mission goes beyond delivering cutting-edge technology solutions; By fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment, we will not only drive innovation but also create meaningful opportunities for talented individuals. Together, we can revolutionize the tech sector and make a positive impact on society.”