3 Social Media Strategies to Follow in 2020

Social media marketing, the arena is dynamic. It has become quite a challenge to keep up with the latest trends. Now social media marketing has become part of different professions and is becoming increasingly tech-driven. These innovations help consumers find and use different products and services they need. The recent developments are changing how customers interact with brands. However, in order to remain on top of the competition in digital marketing in Dubai, there are certain trends or strategies businesses must follow and trendsetter companies like onlinemarketing.ae.

#1: Share Stories

Story sharing has become very popular on social media. Instagram stories are a favorite and more than 500 million users share their stories daily. WhatsApp statuses are also a different version of stories and now Facebook has started story sharing. This development is taking digital marketing in Dubai to a different level. Businesses are also using this strategy to make their social media presence known. If you want your business to succeed in 2020, then you need to increase your focus on sharing stories on social platforms.

While stories have a format that engages viewers, brands have to face the same challenge of increasing their income. This means they have to write content and use images and videos that captivate the audience. They have to stand out from the crowd and make it interesting for people to check their stories. They must be able to get people to want to swipe up to visit the brand’s website. There are some tools, which help make powerful stories and launching them. An example is a tool launched by BoostApps, which offers effective content and story creation tools. Another example is StoryBoost. It provides an affordable and story creation tool that helps anyone put engaging stories in frames.

#2: Personalization

This strategy is replacing interruptive experiences. Social media is one of the most common strategies for digital marketing in Dubai. In the past year, people used interruption as a strategy to get the attention of social media users. While scrolling through feeds, advertisements by brands will pop up out of nowhere to engage them. However, this tactic has lost its impact. Now consumers have control over what they see and follow. They have control and therefore, only content that they are interested in will show on their screen. Therefore, winning their time and attention has become difficult. The best way to do this is by personalizing the message. Now there are tools that you can use to customize messages and target individual customers personally.

A good example is Starbucks. It incorporated omnichannel strategies and made personalized campaigns using its own mobile app. This enables it to provide a targeted and unique experience for customers individually. It personalizes the messages based on the customer’s in-store purchases and their location. This allows Starbucks to send relevant and targeted advertisements in the form of messages.

You will need to research and use technology that can help you collect and analyze the customer data you collect. Then you must use the information to build a personalized experience for each potential customer. If you are looking for a suggestion, then explore Duda.

Duda Personalization

This app enables you to create a variety of triggers and to order personalized landing pages to target different segments of visitors. There are numerous similar apps in the market today. They collect, analyze, and help you create ad campaigns based on the insights.

At an even more advanced level, AI-powered tools enable you to have a broader level of access to data. This, in turn, ensures that you are capable of providing your customers with exactly what they are looking for. It monitors their behavior and allows you to build the right ads for maximum lead generation and conversions. Digital marketing in Dubai is going to become more competitive in 2020, so you need to gear up and go ready for a battle in this arena.

Usually, consumers agree to share their personal information because they feel that you can offer them something valuable. Of course, one important matter to address is customers’ personal data and privacy. You have to be careful about how you handle the data you have. You may have someone’s personal data because they opted into something you offer, or they may have registered on your site. However, you need to justify gathering the data and about how you use it. It must provide them value in return for sharing their information.

In 2020, another interesting development in digital marketing in Dubai will be the use of real-time personalization. It is another fast-growing trend and it uses AI and machine learning. Imagine making adjustments on-site in real-time, based on how a specific user is interacting with your website.

Personalization in marketing is going to give users a much better way of finding what they need.

#3: Augmented Reality (AR)

This strategy is offering more opportunities to connect using cameras on smartphones Unlike VR or virtual reality, which is more about the real physicality, AR enhances the user’s view. It enables marketing by targeting making users see things with a real-world context.

AR enables brands to create a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience. It facilitates brand-building and connection opportunities. With augmented reality, businesses will be able to give their users a virtual tour of their facilities, host virtual events, and give customers a virtual way of exploring their products without the need to visit the actual store. Some industries that are integrating AR in their marketing include real estate businesses in different parts of the world, including the UAE. People can have a virtual tour of properties before investing in them. They do not need to visit the property and a virtual tour helps them get a detailed look from the comfort of their homes.

Social media is entering a new age and is going to be increasingly driven by AI and machine technology. To be able to keep pace with the fast-growing world, brands need to develop their approach to digital marketing in Dubai. Start following these strategies and start making the necessary changes to take the lead in 2020.