METRO Pakistan Concludes Charity-Day Donation Drive

METRO employees collected and donated clothes, garments, and toys to Akhuwat Cloth bank for distribution to the unprivileged communities.

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) METRO Pakistan concludes its charity donation drive as part of the International Charity Day commemorations, in collaboration with Akhuwat Foundation, a leading non-government organization, working on improving the lives of the underprivileged communities.

The internal charity drive started as part of the International Charity Day commemoration earlier this month and ran at all METRO stores across Pakistan. The response from employees was tremendous, with a large number of employees donated clothes, unused garments, and toys. A good number of METRO vendors and suppliers also joined in and donated their products. All collected goods were handed over to Akhuwat cloth bank, where the goods were washed, dry-cleaned, repaired, packed, and distributed to the unprivileged communities.

The International Day of Charity is celebrated annually on the 5th of September which is a global platform for all charity related activities conducted by individuals and organizations. Recognized by the United Nations as a day to promote and spread awareness about philanthropy and charity, this day serves as a reminder that it is everyone’s responsibility to support fellow human beings and take them along on the path of development.