DEX celebrates two years of customer-centric innovation as it gears up for a mega sale season

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Daraz Express (DEX), Pakistan’s largest e-logistics entity, is celebrating 2 years of growth and innovation. Since its inception in October 2018, DEX, the logistics arm of Daraz, has significantly expanded its operations and network and today, handles up to 60% of all orders received on the leading ecommerce platform in the country.

DEX was founded as a solution to ecommerce’s logistics challenge and is designed to offer agility to Daraz’ operations. Through digitization, DEX has been able to optimise routes to offer customers speedy delivery. In the mega cities of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, the logistics company has enabled Daraz to offer customers express delivery whereby items are shipped to their doorsteps within 24 hours. Earlier this year, to offer greater comfort and ease to customers, Daraz also introduced free return pickups in the three cities which are facilitated by DEX. 

“We are very proud of the milestones we have achieved within 2 years since the launch of DEX. Our aim is to continue to innovate in the field of logistics and build an agile infrastructure that can help boost the ecommerce landscape in Pakistan where we operate. With the sale season fast approaching, we at DEX are preparing to optimise our operations for the record-breaking orders expected,” said Ali Akhai, Head of DEX, Daraz Pakistan. 

Almost 1,500 DEX Heros – delivery agents – deliver packages across Pakistan whilst handling approximately 50,000 packages. DEX’s vehicle fleet size is approximately 150+ vehicles and the company’s network spans across 20+ cities with over 60+ facilities across Pakistan and a total team size of 2,100+ employees.

“The primary challenge facing ecommerce companies globally is logistics. In order to offer our customers a seamless experience and ensure swift delivery of their products, we are focused on building a robust logistics ecosystem. Customer-centric innovation remains at the heart of DEX and, while we are proud of the ground we have covered thus far, we will continue to explore creative solutions to improve our logistics infrastructure,” said Umer Gul, Head of DEX, Daraz Group. 

With Daraz gearing up for the 10.10, 11.11 and 12.12 sales, DEX is preparing to deliver millions of orders from across the country. Last year, DEX hired an additional 3,000 DEX heroes to manage the sharp increase in orders during Gyara Gyara sale. Consequently, 100,000 packages were dispatched daily for delivery post the sale. Over 43% of the orders received were processed within the first 12-hours of the sale.