LUMS holds workshop on water science policy, governance

LAHORE—LUMS Centre for Water Informatics and Technology (WIT) organized an informative training session regarding water science, policy, and governance in collaboration with Lead Pakistan and Nestle. The workshop lasted three days and discussed some key issues for Pakistan’s water security and creative solutions for water sustainability and efficiency.
The multi-disciplinary training workshops hosted over 130 participants from national and international universities including students and academia as well as professionals engaged with water management, climate science, and agriculture. Leading water experts including Dr.Pervaiz Amir (Global Water Partnership), Mr. Rao Irshad Ali Khan (Chairman IRSA), Dr. Arif Anwar (International Water Management Institute), Dr. Hassan Abbas (Lead Pakistan), Dr. Muhammad Javed (Punjab Irrigation Department), Mr. Feisal Naqvi (Haidermota BNR), Mr. Rafay Alam (Saleem, Alam & Co.) delivered talks on key scientific, legal and policy issues around water in Pakistan.
Students from LUMS, GCU, BZ University, Multan, University of Poonch (Jummu& Kashmir) FCC, University of Punjab, Kings College and University of Sussex, and water professionals from public and private sector, and from non-government organizations, including the Ministry of Climate Change, Punjab Irrigation Department, Lead Pakistan, Helvetas Swiss Pakistan, Nestle Pakistan and Coca Cola Export Pakistan participated in the workshops. According to Dr. Abubakr Muhammad, Director of WIT, “The Center for Water Informatics and Technology’s research and outreach activities have been critical for building capacity in the water sector, helping to bridge the gap between academia and practice, and establish a fruitful co-operation between the academic community and industry, development agencies, NGOs, public administration, local communities, and other relevant institutions.”