Likee: A household name in entertainment

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) As the world begins to see light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, its reliance on technology becomes increasingly diverse. From accessing healthcare services to simply scrolling through social media to kill time, we have seen it evolve into much more than just timelines and videos; it has become a fundamental part of the new way of living. Pakistan’s social media is also growing at a phenomenal rate, thanks to the increased accessibility to affordable smartphones mixed with an abundance of creativity. If the pandemic has taught us anything about ourselves as a country, it is that we have the unique ability to keep ourselves entertained even in tricky times – a fact highlighted by a rising star in social media, Likee.

Likee is a leading global short video platform based in Singapore, and is quickly rising to the top of the list when it comes to choosing a short video platform in Pakistan. Content creators from all walks of life are leading the charge and creating new trends in entertainment consumption, while they gain enormous audiences, right at their fingertips. Likee brilliantly fills the empty cultural space left by mainstream media by providing local content creators the perfect platform to create regionally relevant content, and for that reason, it is one of the most downloaded apps in online marketplaces.

The “news”, “sports’ ‘ and “entertainment” categories are among the most popular for lifestyle broadcasters on Likee, as they focus on localized and better quality content for rapid success. Whether its cricket highlights or breaking news, Likee has something to offer everyone and has already become the entertainment application of choice for millions of Pakistanis. Entertainment News is one such channel that offers millions of viewers exactly the kind of content that they are looking for, in the shape of highly engaging entertainment news, just like the name says. It has garnered more than a million likes and is growing rapidly to the top of the charts. Another example of a rising star is Sport News, with more than 220K followers and a vast variety of quality cricket moments and clips that are guaranteed to enliven any sports enthusiast while providing them with useful updates about the sports world.

It comes as no surprise that Pakistani audiences feel a great void when it comes to quality, localized entertainment as all they receive on television is an excess of news channels in perpetual competition for the most breaking news of all. Likee offers the perfect escape from that chaos, filling the gaps in their entertainment needs better than any television ever could. It has something for everyone – drama, comedy, sports, entertainment, and even news! With increasing users enjoying the content in the above mentioned categories, Likee is gaining in popularity and becoming the short video platform of choice across the country.