‘Khushiyan Pakistan Wali’ celebrate the happy moments of Pakistanis

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) In connection to Pakistan Day Celebrations, Pakistani telecom company Ufone is launching A new campaign which highlights Ufone’s role in strengthening human connections and bringing joy and happiness that Pakistanis find in every day small instances.

The new campaign is being launched to reach out to all Pakistanis while re-establishing Ufone’s ‘tum he tou ho’ promise. Through this campaign the company is keeping up its Pakistani centric focus and rejoicing the happier spirit of the nation.

This campaign’s TVC shows the resilient and steadfast people of Pakistan from different ethnicities, age groups and walks of life celebrating, cherishing and capturing every day happy moments.

The jingle in the TVC has been sung by renowned singer/composer Shuja Haider, along with new regional singer Nasir.

Shuja Haider said, “I loved singing this jingle. It’s a very fresh idea, an ode to the spirit of Pakistanis and how they find happiness in small things”.

Pakistan is a country that takes pride in its soul stirring poetry, folklore, indigenous culture and music that comes from the multi-ethnic population spread across all the provinces and Ufone honours that.

The United Nations report on Happiness, reveals Pakistan as the happier nation amongst all the countries in the South Asian Region. Regardless of the UN report Pakistanis are happy go lucky people who are resilient and positive no matter how hard life becomes.