Khaadi has opened its first store in Doha, Qatar

Lahore –  Pakistan’s leading fashion retail brand, Khaadi, has opened its doors in Qatar on 20th October, 2017 at Doha Festival City.

Khaadi is renowned for its modern designs, colors and silhouettes with a fusion and eastern clothing line, catering to a diverse taste globally. Khaadi continuously strives to provide a rich shopping experience with store designs that have an artistic aesthetic sense and customer service that supersedes all benchmarks in fashion retail. Due to these key success factors, Khaadi’s footprint is increasing globally. Khaadi enjoys immense popularity in UAE and UK and the demand for its clothing line is borderless. The brand is proud to open its first store in Doha, Qatar with an ambition to spread its colors further on the global front.

Commenting on the global success of Khaadi. Mr. Shamoon Sultan, the CEO of Khaadi said, “Through our international expansion, we are striving to prove to the world that a Pakistani brand can make its place in the international market, and compete with international brands. By our efforts, we are proving that Khaadi truly loves Pakistan as Khaadi’s success worldwide is also Pakistan’s success.”