Huawei leading future direction of 5G industry

LAHORE (Muhammad Yasir) –  Huawei firmly believes in the power of 5G to transform society. In the future, all things will be connected: this includes 100 million new generation bicycles, 300 million LED street lamps, 1.8 billion water meters worldwide. 10Gbps connectivity is also essential to foster the growth of high quality AR and VR experiences. From self-driving cars to virtual reality, from Internet of Things to drones, 5G is the foundation necessary to support all these connections – nurturing the growth of 5G is therefore essential to the next stage of digitalization.

While the switch from 3G to 4G was mostly a matter of increased speed, the rise of 5G will unlock the potential of a flood of new technologies.

In November, Huawei Wireless X Labs released a white paper on the Top Ten 5G Use Cases. These included cloud VR/AR, connected automotive, smart manufacturing, connected energy, wireless eHealth, wireless home entertainment, connected drones, social networks, personal AI assistant, and Smart City.

Everyone can benefit from the huge commercial value 5G will unlock: Huawei estimates that the digital transformation market will be worth US$23 trillion. In order to benefit from this, stakeholders should enhance capabilities, build connections, develop business, and forge partnerships to tackle obstacles and shape a better future.