Farhan Saeed and his wife Urva Hussain’s separation

Lahore (Nut Desk) Actor and singer Farhan Saeed and his wife actress Urva Hussain’s separation statement came to the media recently in which it is said that this separation is a personal matter between the two which they do not want to talk to the media. The story of their separation is quite old.

According to Urva Hussain’s family and close sources, singer Farhan Saeed has been cut off from his family due to drugs and alcoholism, while the entire media industry and his The family knows that due to which his wife Urva Hussain had parted ways with him some time ago. That there is no gap between the two which was not true.

According to sources close to Urva Hussain, Farhan Saeed had relationships with two new Karachi drama actors who are still alive today.He also established a relationship with Maida, the owner of a local public relations company (PR company) in Lahore, which is due to differences between the two spouses. Bitterness arises which results in life.

Maulana has claimed that the owner of this (PR company) in Lahore has a relationship with him on which Farhan Saeed Company has invested a loan about which the knowledge of Urva Hussain has been kept. When Farhan Saeed was contacted in this regard, he again denied all the allegations and said that there was no truth in his attempt.