Musical Show and Delicious Dinner mesmerized audience at Lord of Food Cafe

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Famous RJ and Host Dr. Ijaz Waris arranged a beautiful cultural evening with soulful melodies and classy food at Lord of Food Cafe, which enthralled the audience thoroughly. The USP of the evening was real blend of Punjabi folk and moden music which created magical impact. Famous singers Sher Mian Dad Khan, Ahmad Nawaz, Arishma Drum Player and Imran Hashmi performed and received applause from the audeince. All the singers performed evergreen numbers and famous songs. Delicious food was served to the audience during the concert. On this occasion, singer Imran Hashmi presented medals and Mahi Butt performed remixes of popular Pakistani Punjabi songs. Host of the evening thanked the artists for soulful performanced and shared that he arranged the evening to get together and enjoy the quality food. He vowed that more programs on differnt themes and occasions with aim to promote the culture and music will be arranged in future also.