EMI Pakistan set to Release 3 Artists after Eid!

EMI Pakistan will be releasing 3 Music Videos & Album by Zoheb Hassan, Asad Ahmed & Schaz Khan

Lahore – As the month of Ramazan comes to a close EMI Pakistan is busy preparing to release songs, videos and albums by 3 veteran Pakistani artists.

The month of July will first see Schaz Khan’s video release for her song called “Mein Udaan Hoon”. Following this, Pakistani music enthusiasts and instrumental music fans will be treated with the release of Asad Ahmed’s first solo album Rebirth coupled with the first video from this album called Animal. Towards the end of July, EMI Pakistan will also unveil album, Signature and video, “Silsalay” by Zoheb Hassan.

Zeeshan Chaudhry, COO of EMI Pakistan, commented: “We, at EMI Pakistan, are very excited about the upcoming releases, not only because this is our first spell of new releases, but also because all the videos have been produced by us. At EMI Pakistan we are trying to set a new benchmark for music video production quality in the Pakistani market. Through these projects we hope to demonstrate our commitment to the music fraternity. We not only aim to help them hone their talent and skills, but we hope to encourage, nurture and develop them as well. But above all EMI Pakistan wants to provide artists a promising platform upon which they can grow.”

Under this new direction EMI Pakistan is catering to both, musicians and video directors. The label is looking for fresh new talent to whom they can provide an opportunity to unleash their imaginations. The music industry suffered a downfall a number of years ago following which there has been a dearth of good music coming out of the country and EMI Pakistan is the first record label to take the step to bring music from both, old and budding artists back to the people.

However, while working on the new releases EMI Pakistan has also been working to support artists and acknowledge their rights in a number of different ways. In 2015-16 the label paid out Rs. 5 million in royalties to artists for their old work and is currently in the middle of processing the royalties for July 2016-June 2017. This is a first in the Pakistani music industry with royalties being unheard of before this. EMI Pakistan while continuing to battle against brands & various organizations to prevent them from committing piracy hopes to continue this practice on a regular basis.

The organization aims to continue the fight for artists’ rights whether it is copyrighting issues, piracy issues or getting anyone who uses a musician’s work to pay them for it. EMI Pakistan is back to help the music industry flourish once again and to provide support to upcoming talent.