edenrobe launched their fragrance under the banner of “edenrobe beauty”!

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) edenrobe revealed 14 fragrances under their new division edenrobe Beauty recently in a high-end launch event which happened in Karachi with celebs, socialites and influencers in attendance.

Enchanted with fragrances, the night experienced a star studded rendezvous, where out of 14 fragrances, 2 were revealed by Fawaz Dandia and the other 12 were disclosed by the models with Hasnain Lehri and Sabeeka Imam as the showstoppers. The fragrance collection consists 5 each for men and women and 4 Arabic fragrances. The night also had a number of socialites, corporates and business heads and bloggers in attendance to keep the event in the limelight.

The event not only witnessed the fragrance reveal but also a breathtaking performance by the latest heartthrob Asim Azhar. Making the audience groove to his songs, Asim totally stole the show.

“After our premium clothing line, we have now launched our new variant, a beauty brand by the name of edenrobe beauty under which we have introduced 14 fragrances which ensure to be the best and long lasting ones.”

Edenrobe beauty is now available in stores and online