HSY invites fans in official launch of his signature fragrance at Al Fatah LHR today.

Lahore (NUT-DESK)

Come visit The #conaturalxhsy pop up store at Al Fatah Lahore near Hussain Chowk on Monday from 6PM to 8PM. Try out our perfumes for both men and women. Looking forward to seeing you all.

This is latest message shared by designer Hasan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) on his official Instagram page as HSY is all set to launch his fragrance. Two days earlier turning to his Instagram , Hasan Sheheryar shared a photo of himself from Mykonos, Greece, as he shot the ad for his all-new line of perfumes. 

“No matter how many years pass by, In my heart i’m still that young boy of 12 years old who is staring at the future both scared to the core and excited for all the possibilities that lay ahead. It sometimes shocks and surprises me that i’ve been blessed with so much love and respect in my life. I have my mothers prayers to thank for that,” wrote HSY.

He continued, “That young, hardworking and fiercely determined 12 year old Hassan would surely not have believed he would end up shooting his own perfume add and that too on his most favorite island in the world; Mykonos. Well, that’s how i felt during the shoot.”

Touching on his disbelief, the designer added, “It was a mixture of feeling blessed and excited, but mostly disbelief. Was this really happening? Today, as i prepare to meet you all on Monday at our pop up store in Al Fatah, i’m filled with a sense of tremendous gratitude. You all have shown me so much love over the years and for that i thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

HSY’s new fragrance official will launch today on 4th October. HSY Shares