CEO CBD PUNJAB IMRAN AMIN Oversees Monsoon Preparedness For Kalma UnderPass

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)

CEO of Central Business District Punjab (CBD Punjab), Imran Amin, conducted an inspection at the Kalma Underpass on CBD Punjab Boulevard to assess the drainage and dewatering system’s readiness during the ongoing Monsoon spell. The visit aimed to ensure the efficient management of rainwater and mitigate potential flooding risks in the area. During the inspection, CEO Imran Amin reaffirmed CBD Punjab’s commitment to supporting the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) master plan. In alignment with this commitment, CBD Punjab has pledged financial assistance to upgrade WASA’s infrastructure in and around CBD Punjab. As per the directives of Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi, all departments are working collectively during the Monson season as part of their proactive measures, CBD Punjab has already constructed additional dry and wet wells to handle rainwater from Firdous Market and Ali Zaib Road. Moreover, two more dry and wet wells have been constructed in Saint Mary Park to cater for rainwater from the vicinity. These enhancements aim to bolster the existing drainage capacity of the Kalma Underpass CBD Punjab Boulevard. CEO Imran Amin highlighted that the current drainage system of Kalma Underpass is sufficient for its immediate needs. However, CBD Punjab recognizes the need to accommodate the water flow from other areas like Liberty and Qaddafi Stadium. To address this, CBD Punjab has collaborated with WASA to devise a comprehensive plan that includes the installation of extra pumps. The implementation of these pumps is slated to be completed within the next few days. With the joint efforts of CBD Punjab and WASA, residents and commuters can have increased confidence in the functionality and resilience of the drainage and dewatering system during the Monsoon season. The commitment to upgrading infrastructure reflects CBD Punjab’s dedication to the welfare and safety of the public and the surrounding areas.