How ABHI and Soorty Financially Empowered Labor in Pakistan

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir)

On the occasion of Labor Day, ABHI and Soorty
have released a documentary reflecting on transformative change and
showcasing the impact of their collaboration on the lives of workers.
From blue-collar workers to C-level executives, individuals from all
walks of life have benefited from Earned Wage Access, experiencing
financial freedom and security. The partnership, forged in the initial
years of ABHI’s inception, has brought significant change to the lives
of workers across Pakistan.

ABHI partnered with Soorty Enterprises, in 2022 and integrated its EWA
platform into their HRMS system, ensuring industry-standard privacy
and security protocols. Starting with a small group of workers, this
partnership currently empowers approximately 20,000 Soorty employees.
Through this collaboration, employees can now conveniently access a
portion of their earned salary within 30 seconds via the ABHI app or
SMS. This initiative has significantly contributed to the financial
empowerment of employees at Soorty, thereby contributing towards the
development of the country.

The documentary captures the essence of the partnership’s success
through different use cases, whether it’s a factory floor worker or an
executive suite. It sheds light on how AbhiSalary has revolutionized
the way employees manage their finances, providing them with immediate
access to their earned salaries whenever they need it. Earned Wage
Access has revolutionized the way employees manage their finances,
offering them financial support in times of unexpected expenses and
reducing their reliance on high-interest or informal loans.

On the success of ABHI and Soorty’s collaboration to financially
empower the workforce, Mohammad Zaidi, CCO at ABHI stated, “We believe
financial wellness and access to credit is everyone’s right, which we
aim to bring to all our customers. We have a long-lasting partnership
with Soorty, where their employees have benefited from Earned Wage
Access and fought inflation by accessing their earned salaries at any
time of the month. We are proud to stand alongside Soorty in our
commitment to championing the financial well-being of workers across

Yousuf Dayala, VP of Finance at Soorty added, “Soorty is known for
its organizational culture and the human capital is our prime asset.
Due to the recent economic condition and especially the unbridled
inflation, it’s quite difficult for the common man to maintain their
social needs. We took ABHI on board in its early times and the reason
behind was to empower our workers to withdraw their earned salary
whenever they need it. Workers and the management, both are very happy
with the facility.”

As organizations around the world increasingly recognize the
importance of prioritizing employee well-being, the partnership
between ABHI and Soorty stands as an example of employers coming
together to create a positive social impact. The narrative surrounding
financial wellness in the workplace is being reshaped, paving the way
for a more equitable and empowered workforce.