Monsoon is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated seasons of the year as it provides a welcome respite from the scorching heat of summer. In India, monsoons are synonymous with hope, beauty and a sense of joy. It’s the time of year you should consider giving your neutral palettes a break and add a punch to your decor with funky bright colours. Bold, strong colours revitalize the room and create a joyful atmosphere that speaks of hope and something to look forward to.

While monsoon injects a new life in almost everything, there is no denying the fact that this season causes the maximum damage to your home. It takes away the sheen beauty of your walls. Amongst most common casualties of this season are the exterior walls of the house. Leakage, cracks, mould, fungus and so on can play havoc. A growing crack in the wall could be the result of using paints of an inferior quality paint, as they do not offer any protection against water, therefore leading to seepages. Therefore, guard your house from the ill effects of rain by choosing paints with water-proof technology. In case your exteriors are infected with patches, it is advisable to go for a high-quality paint with Fungal Guard Technology that gives your walls the much-needed resistance from fungal and algal attacks.

Here’s how you can play with colours for your interiors this monsoon:

Monsoon blues

During the rainy season people tend to use colours that resemble monsoon. Calm blue is the colour that can be used in decorating your home walls. You can get curtains, accessories and cushions in contrast colours to create a stunning look. The shade is soothing to the eyes and it can be mixed with other colours to create a cool ambiance.

Shades of green

The lush greenery in your garden and backyard area would surely encourage you to use this shade in your interiors. You can use olive or emerald green on walls. Bring home mats and carpets in this shade as this would give your interiors a smooth touch like your lawns outdoors. They create an illusion of greater depth and a layered effect on the wall. Also, marking the perfect combination for walls while enhancing the natural quotient of the house.

Happy dining

Dramatic shades can transform the kitchen and dining areas from just functional spaces to a lively setting that is perfect for entertaining guests. It is the best time to start adding colour to your home to keep environment happy and chirpy when the rain sets in. Therefore, colour a wall in fuchsia pink, pink star diamond, little bow pink etc. while keeping the other accessories neutral.

A splash of life

Yellow is another zesty and vivacious colour, which can be used to bring a modern as well as a traditional touch to the space that you are living in. Colours such as fizzy lemon or sorbet lemon, can also serve as the perfect colour for back walls in a bedroom that need a little something that does not eat up all the attention. Shades of orange like desert orange, fiesta orange etc are other suitable options that would make your walls appear like an artistic creation. Orange as a hue works best for monsoon given its ability to maximize the little sunlight that enters houses during monsoons and works as a mood elevator.