18th YLC – An event full of energy and excitement came to an end

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)  This year’s Young Leaders Conference was another success with all the activities influencing and empowering the participating youth.  This year the conference aimed to be bigger and better by hosting and training hundreds of students and young professionals from all across Pakistan equipping them with the skills and knowledge to bring about change in their communities. 

This six-day residential program brings together 300 youngsters between the ages of 18-24 annually from all over Pakistan. YLC kicked off with energy, exuberance and excitement dominated proceedings with prominent personalities from various sectors of business, government and private companies.

The second day, sponsored by the EBM, Founding Partners, celebrated the major milestones of Pakistan and explored its challenges through a diverse panel of industry icons. Shahzain Munir while giving insights about what happens when content meet marketing said that “A good marketing campaign talks about the product feature but a great campaign talks about the benefits, emotions and values. The brand has a persona, and in today’s world, the person’s taste and values must match its client in order to be a preferred name.”

Discussion on E-health clinic was also an eye opener for many. This discussion included a detailed analysis that a country with a total population of 200 million people, more than 50% of individuals in Pakistan doesn’t have access to basic primary healthcare services, and approximately 42% fail to receive health coverage. Despite the thousands of doctors being produced every year, the country’s doctor-patient ratio remains 1 for every 1200 patients. In this day and age, where science and technology are rapidly growing and evolving, Pakistan’s need for adequate health services can only be met by creating innovations that integrate health and technology. 

This was followed by a campaign which said empower a girl, transform a community. It was highlighted that how empowering a girl can lead to the transformation of a whole community. As it is said, educating a woman means educating the whole generation, similarly, if a girl is empowered, the whole generation will be empowered. 

One of the important highlights of the event was a panel discussion about re-thinking digital for economic growth. Badar Khushnood said, “The digital economy is here, and growing every day. At present, almost half of the world’s population is connected to the internet, fifty years since it was invented and thirty since the creation of the World Wide Web. The perception is widely held that the growth of the digital economy is unprecedented and has been a major contributor to recent economic growth, the booming stock market, and the revival of productivity. Today a vlogger and influencer makes the same salary as a Senior Manager. “

The last day of the conference began with the 300 acts of kindness.  This dynamic activity introduced participants to the globally acclaimed RAK concept. After some quick ideas, participants were asked to do as many random act of kindness individually with strangers as they can in 20 minutes. They used #rakylc and posted about their rak anonymously. 

This year’s conference was sponsored by the Founding Partner EBM and Cause Partners, Feroze1888, USEFP, PTCL, FNF, KFC, HUBCO, Willshire, Jubilee Life Insurance, Official Logistics Partner TCS, Official Media Partner Dunya  Group, Venue partner, PC Lahore, Chand Bagh, Knowledge partner, ACCA, Strategic partner, Torque and Xenith Public Relations as their PR & Digital Partners.

TCS served as a logistics partner, ensuring smooth- running and timely execution. The YLC vision of youth empowerment and leadership was shared by and reflected in the efforts of all the partner organizations.

YLC 2019 was held in PC, Lahore and Chandbagh from 1st July-6th.