Noon Academy – Saving the Future of Pakistan with Social Learning Platform for Education

Noon Academy, an international EdTech startup that is pioneering the concept of social learning, has expanded its online studying platform to Pakistan. They offer daily live classes for all major subjects from Pakistan’s leading teachers, completely free through their mobile application and website.

Their live classes coverall major subjects for classes 8-13 for all major local boards (Matric & Intermediate), Cambridge (O& A-Levels), and different universities’ entrance tests such as LUMS, IBA & NUST. Kickstarting its local operations in September, 2020, the platform has already grown to 200,000 students in January.

Students who are affected by the challenges post Covid-19, can prepare for their upcoming exams through comprehensive preparation courses which are taught by highly qualified teachers, completely online, accessible from the safety of their homes and adapted for the smart syllabus.

Noon Academy is one of the fastest-growing EdTech startups in the world. Currently headquartered in London, they started offin 2013 with anidea that technology can have a multiplier effect by connecting the best teachers to students anywhere. Over time through it has transformed into a social learning platform using interactive elements such as gamification, study groups, team-based learning and contests.

Pakistan’s Top Teachers for Everyone

Students from over 250 cities in Pakistan are currently studying from leading teachers of the country on the Noon Academy application. Removing the limitations of conventional offline methods possible to connect teachers and students anywhere in the country. The instructors available at Noon Academy are all highly qualified with degrees from esteemed institutions such as Harvard, INSEAD, King Edward, IBA, LUMS and more.

Noon Academy seeks to provide universal access to the highest quality of education in Pakistan.

“We want to democratize high quality education in Pakistan and empower all students to learn from teachers they like, in the way that suits them and with safety. Through our platform we want to make the best teachers in Pakistan affordable, accessible and available for all students in Pakistan and help them achieve their goals in life” said Umair Babar Chishti, Country GM Noon Academy.         

Being true to their mission, Noon Academy is also promising scholarship opportunities of PKR 1 million to deserving students.

Social Features for Engagement

Conventional education ‘pushes’ students to study by forcing them to sit inside classroom, stay quiet, and a one-size-fits-all approach. Noon Academy utilizes a different approach, ‘pulling’ students towards education by providing them with highly engaging live classes which have a healthy culture of Q&A and student participation. And a variety of classes on personal effectiveness, career counselling and life skills.

As of today, Noon Academy is operational in eight countries with over 8Million students actively using this platform. You can download the app or signup from any internet device on the website to attend their daily live classes for free.