Zong 4G provides free access to My Zong App and Zong 4G Website for its customers

Lahore –  Bringing forward its vision of enhanced customer-centricity, Zong 4G the country’s No.1 Data network has provided free access to the ‘My Zong’  customer care app as well as the Zong 4G website to all its customers. Whereas previously customers paid data charges on the use of these digital services, the move to provide free access has been taken to provide greater convenience alongside a greatly improved user experience for all Zong 4G subscribers.

Both services allow customers access to important information on Zong 4G’s packages and value added services as well as the ability to activate or deactivate the company’s broad range of bundles and packages. Furthermore, customers will also be able to chat with customer care officers and help resolve their issues in a timely and convenient manner all without any charges. Customer are advised to note however, that all internal and external links embedded within the APP and website will be charged as per individual package plans.

By continuing to place customers at the forefront of its decision making process, Zong 4G remains committed to delivering a rich user experience, for the fastest growing 4G network in the country.