Zahid Ahmed Starts a Conversation About Physical Intimacy

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)  The World’s No. 1 brand, Durex Pakistan launches the first of its kind educational website for the Pakistani market. As part of the campaign, the brand has also released a public service message featuring renowned actor, Zahid Ahmed as its first Pakistani brand ambassador. With the website, Durex aims to start a movement in the direction of being more open about  physical and emotional intimacy for married couples.
In reference to the launch, Marketing Director of Reckitt Pakistan, Humayun Farooq stated, “While launching Durex in Pakistan, there was something that became increasingly obvious to us over time; no one is talking about physical intimacy, nor do they want to. We recognized the reason went beyond just the unwillingness to speak about it. There is a lack of reliable knowledge and there is a huge prevalence of misinformation on the internet. With that in mind, we made it our mission to start the conversation and create a safe and reliable place where everyone could have access to correct, informed and reliable information about physical and emotional intimacy as well as our products and their uses.”
The website itself has material on a vast range of topics that not only help newly married couples, but also those who have been in their marriages for a longer period of time. It debunks common myths, answers FAQs on the matter as well as informs users about their wide product range and its uses.
Durex Pakistan’s first public service message features the brand’s first local brand ambassador Zahid Ahmed who aptly addresses the need for start the discourse around sex education. Ahmed, most notably known for his brilliant acting on television, has always been a representative of unspoken topics for the public.
“I commend Durex Pakistan for finally launching a platform where spouses can get reliable information to answer any and every question they might have about physical and emotional intimacy. This can help families across Pakistan in greatly reducing risks and diseases.” states Zahid Ahmed on the launch of

After the initial launch, Durex Pakistan plans to continue to update the website, keeping all the information relevant and continuing the movement of breaking the stigma around the subject. The website will feature new information about products, more articles, videos, answer common FAQs and add bite-sized content on the matter.