‘Water for Women’ Project Phase 2 launched

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir Phase 2 of the ‘Water for Women’ project, which overall seeks to replenish 200 million litres of water in the freshwater starved, arid area of Kohistan, district Thatta of Sindh has now been launched by the project partners Coca-Cola Pakistan and Indus Earth Trust. The aim of this project is to replenish ground water by harvesting rainwater for about 5,500 inhabitants of 25 villages covered by the project area. Earlier in the now completed Phase 1, the project has over-achieved the water replenishment target that was set. The Coca-Cola Foundation will be providing PKR 13.7 million as a grant for Phase 2, which will last for about one year.

The project work includes the excavation of 25 rainwater reservoirs. Installation of 10 hand pumps for use by the local communities and the distribution of 200 water wheels to the women in the target villages, who typically have the responsibility of fetching water for their families’ daily use. It also targets Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 3, Better Health and Wellbeing, and SDG 6, Clean Water and Sanitation. The soft components of the project include setting up of Community Based Organizations to empower communities and trainings to build the capacity of women local leaders.

Speaking about the project, Fahad Qadir, Director Public Affairs & Communications of Coca-Cola Pakistan explained, “Kohistan is one of the most marginalized communities in Sindh, where poverty is rampant and access to basic facilities, including clean drinking water is not available around the year. In the communities here, the women are responsible for fetching water from several kilometres away, spending about 3 hours daily in this. This not only reduces their available day time hours for productive use but also has significant negative health impacts, by carrying heavy water load on their heads. This project will vastly improve water accessibility and means the women can now use their time more productively to care for their young, increase income for the family or obtain education.” 

Coca-Cola Pakistan is already water positive by recharging 2.7 billion litres back to the communities through various projects undertaken throughout the country, against a target of 1.9 billion and will continue to deliver on the Company’s  global pledge of water conservation and protection.