VEON Pakistan’s most advanced internet platform

Islamabad – VEON is Pakistan’s most advanced internet platform, which has been launched by VEON Limited with Jazz as its first telco partner. The platform promises to completely revolutionize the digital landscape of the country and how Pakistanis communicate. VEON is more than a platform. It is a unique ecosystem that combines usual telecom services, popular OTT services and a smart core based on AI and Big Data analysis. It is more than a messenger platform. It combines everything that a modern mobile internet user wants to see in one platform – chats, VoIP calls, popular content, public channels, affiliate offers, a wallet (in the future), and of course, a personal account for managing mobility services of one’s Jazz account as well as a support service chat room for subscribers. The Pakistani version of VEON allows users to communicate with friends in the messenger, controlling costs of and managing mobile services, getting special offers from the telco partner (Jazz) and other partners i.e. McDonald’s,, Chenone etc., subscribing to interesting content selected by our editors based on the user’s preferences.