Upcoming Shaan-e-Pakistan Music Awards

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) –  Shaan-e-Pakistan is a platform that brings fashion, art, craft, culture and music together under one name both from India and Pakistan mainly focused on the culture. Huma Naseer,the CEO and organizer of shaan-e-pakistan, aims for Shaan-e-Pakistan to produce content under this banner which are high on culture, music, style and talent and took shaan of Pakistan Across the neighbor country India.Shaan-e-Pakistan,bought talents from India and Pakistan and is Pakistan`s fastest grwoing internationally acclaimed content house led by Huma Nasser as featured in Khaleej Times, Dawn the News, Hindustan Times and New York Times and in the past bought great successful shows “Ek Shaam Pakistan K Naam and Kya Delhi Kya Lahore” held in New Delhi and yet more to come.

Shaan-e-Pakistan is proud to make its official announcement once again for its upcoming music awards and will justice first time in history of music fraternity rise on 22nd March 2019 in Lahore. As we aim to focus more on positioning  our brand and cater more audience of music, art and culture, high lightening  the legends  from music industries of India and Pakistan. As talent have no boundaries continuing to promote the brand image  and spirit and bridging the borders and calling digital stream partners to collaborate on releasing season3 most  trended event back in 2017 featuring Saba Qamar  as Padmavat. 

Also we invite entire music fraternity to join us to grow this vision and academy to present the summit and awards in March featuring collaboration of musicians in different genres with few international musicians will be also gracing the event as international jury and collaboration with our local Shaan-e-Pakistan of music.

Therefore, we believe with the great success of Kya Delhi Kya Lahore held in new delhi and Ek Shaam Pakistan K Naam with great musicians, we believe that once again we will hit the heights of success with great upcoming music awards. Shaan-e-Pakistan, Huma Nassr we are really thrilled to bring the next edition of Shaan of Pakistan and India musically. We are thankfull to our partners and associates who have trusted us and as shaan-e-pakistan aims MORE WE and LESS ME, we grow together and believe in accentuate and excel in the main core of Pakistan industry, as the movies are taking next level, we want to redefine in music and make it a prominent prospect internationally. The visionary Irfan Pardesi also lends its support system to get rolling the Pakistani music talent to project most vived and also his aim and ambiguous plans to share his part for pakistan is endless.