Umer Sharif’s awaits US visa, wife Zareen says every minute critical.

Lahore (NUT-DESK)

Pakistani actor and comedian Umer Sharif’s wife Zareen Umer has expressed hope a visa will be issued at the earliest to shift her ailing husband to the US, as every single minute is crucial for him.

Speaking to the local News channel, Zareen said she received a call from PM office that efforts were being made to grant a visa and make other arrangements, including an air ambulance.

Zareen said they need an air ambulance because Umer cannot travel on a regular flight.

All arrangements have been made for Umer’s treatment at George Washington University Hospital in the US, she said and added that the only thing they need is an air ambulance and visa immediately. She also urged Umer’s fans for prayers.

Earlier PM’s spokesperson Shahbaz Gill took notice of Sharif’s request. After expressing sorrow at the actor’s predicament, he assured the government would support him in any capacity he required.

Similarly the Sindh Culture Department has announced to take responsibility for Sharif’s treatment. The Sindh Minister for Culture, Syed Sardar Ali Shah, has sent his regards to the renowned television personality, who has served Pakistan’s entertainment industry for decades but Legend comedian is still in distress and passionately awaiting US flight and visa.