Mahira Khan dishes out her ‘mindful’ method of picking projects:

Lahore (NUT-DESK)

Mahira Khan is shedding light on her new approach of selecting projects. Speaking in a virtual interview on Positive Solace, Mahira touched on ‘mindful’ selection of projects and characters in the future.

“As I am evolving as an actor what happened to me is that I really started to live the character that I am playing. I never used to do that fully. I used to be very scared of that. Now I have started feeling like I don’t have anything to lose. So I am doing that and that has affected me. And that’s why I am going to be a little bit mindful of what’s I am going to take on next. I have sort of decided a few things next time I will pick up a role.”

Mahira also went on to correct all those who believe her to be working with certain filmmakers and production houses.

“I hope people are watching this, a lot of people think that I work with certain people, with big directors and with a big this and a big that. I have actually enjoyed prince charming so much and Aik Hai Nigar so much that now I am looking for a story that speaks to me. I am just looking for a director who just breaks me down and makes me into something else,” Mahira confessed.