UBL launches dedicated ‘UBL Freelancer Account’ For Pakistan’s Booming Freelance Market

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

UBL, one of Pakistan’s leading bank, has announced the launch of ‘UBL Freelancer Account’, a new banking solution designed specifically for the growing population of freelancing individuals in the country. The product is envisioned to be a unique value proposition for freelancers, providing them with the freedom and flexibility to bank on their terms while ensuring that their financial needs are met.

As a current account with no initial deposit balance, no minimum balance requirement and simple account opening documentation, customers can conveniently open an account through the bank’s website and branches across the country. Customers can further enjoy various product benefits and preferential services including free general banking services, discounted tax facilitation and availability of credit card. Discounts on co-working spaces – a pain point of freelancers – will also be offered. Upon maintaining an adequate balance, customers can further avail rate breaks on loans and complimentary insurance coverage for uncertain circumstances.

To provide customers with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their business, UBL is working with freelancing platforms to enhance networking opportunities among customers and maintain ongoing engagement with potential customers.

“The launch of UBL Freelancer Account highlights our commitment to understanding the evolving needs of our customers and offering innovative solutions,” said Mr. Zia Ijaz, Deputy CEO, UBL. “We recognize that freelancers have different banking needs than traditional businesses and salaried individuals. Therefore, we have designed this account to cater to their specific requirements and make banking easier and more accessible for them.”

With the launch of the UBL Freelancer Account, the bank is further solidifying its position as a leader in the banking industry in Pakistan, and is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive suite of products to help them grow and succeed in their careers. Providing dedicated services to this burgeoning population will further facilitate the freelance industry, bolster export remittance and spur sustainable economic development contributing to a more prosperous Pakistan.