Syngenta’s Cropwise Grower App now allows farmers to diagnose crop pests & diseases

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)

Syngenta Pakistan Limited, a leading agriculture innovation and technology company – providing crop protection, biologicals, seeds, crop-enhancement products and digital services to millions of Pakistani farmers, has successfully launched the updated version of its “Cropwise Grower” app which will now allow the farmers to conveniently detect and diagnose crop pests & diseases by simply taking a picture of a crop while also guiding farmers about the recommended products and application technology – all in 5 seconds time with over 93% accuracy versus the usual human accuracy of 72%. This ‘Snap, Diagnosis and Solution’ feature, powered by an artificial intelligence technology company called Plantix, gives a competitive edge to the Cropwise Grower app among all the other locally-available apps – this is a first-of-its-kind offering in the crop protection industry.

The Cropwise Grower app also provides growers with access to agronomic advice, weather forecasts,   recommendations on choosing the right time for spraying during the day, historic weather trends for the past 6 months and insights into the respective region’s crop disease problems for more tailored solutions.

Through this app, farmers will be facilitated in increasing their yields through timely advice and access to remedies by employing a preventative approach versus the treatment approach for farmers in the region – if a disease is detected on a particular crop in one location, all farmers in that areas are alerted to keep a watchful eye for the disease.

Zeeshan Hasib Baig – General Manager of Syngenta Pakistan – shared that “Syngenta Pakistan’s core strength lies in its relationship with the growers. To further strengthen the grower-connect, we want to “delight” our growers by bringing smart solutions closer to farmers that can enable them to be more self-sufficient. We have always believed that technology can be a key enabler in helping farmers grow efficiently and sustainably. The Cropwise Grower app is a revolutionary step in the crop protection industry and we firmly believe that it will help in addressing Pakistan’s food security challenges by building resilient food systems and by supporting our farmers in improving their crop yields.”

Using any Android smartphone, the farmers can easily download this app from the Google Play Store (Link:’).