Two leading charities of Pakistan jointly launch blood donation campaign to save lives during Covid-19 emergency

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) Two leading charities of Pakistan have joined hands to conduct a voluntary blood donation campaign for saving human lives in Sindh during the coronavirus emergency.
The Green Crescent Trust (GCT) and Indus Hospital have joined hands to conduct the voluntary blood donation campaign in Sindh. The campaign initially is being launched in 92 charitable schools of the GCT in Karachi in a phased manner.
A launching ceremony of the blood donation campaign was held here at the GCT’s head office. CEO of Indus Hospital Dr Abdul Bari Khan was the chief guest on the occasion.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Abdul Bari Khan appreciated the gesture of GCT to volunteer for the blood donation campaign of the Indus Hospital for critically ill patients in Sindh. He fully backed the GCT’s campaign to enrol out-of-school children in Sindh. He said the GCT had been conducting as much important mission for the deprived communities of Sindh as was the case of Indus Hospital.
He said that the Indus Hospital would support in whatever way possible the charitable campaign of the GCT to educate children of the underprivileged families in Sindh.
He said that Indus Hospital and GCT would also join hands to conduct community health awareness campaigns for underprivileged families in the province. The students enrolled in the network of GCT’s schools will play an important role in this regard, said Dr Bari.
Speaking on the occasion, CEO of GCT Zahid Saeed said that his charitable organization always welcomed the support of like-minded charities to further its campaign to educate children of the backward communities in Sindh.
He said that the GCT joining hands with the Indus Hospital had set a precedent for other charities to work together for uplift of the underprivileged people.
He said that the GCT would continue its cooperation with the Indus Hospital for treating ailing people belonging to the poor families.
It is worth mentioning here that the joint blood donation campaign will mainly rely upon teachers, non-teaching staff, parents of the students, and people living in the surroundings of the charitable GCT’s schools.
Employees of the GCT will also participate in the campaign.
Volunteers of the blood donation campaign will be offered a mini medical check-up and nine different blood tests free of charge.
The blood collected through this campaign will be provided to hospitals, thalassemia centres, and health treatment centres for treating critically ill patients all over Sindh. These health institutions are connected with the Indus Hospital Blood Centre.
The GCT before entering into the partnership with the Indus Hospital has already established over 150 charitable schools in rural and remote parts of Sindh having enrolment of 29,000 children of the needy families.