Top 3 Best Online Shopping Stores for Electronic Gadgets

In the current era, technology has made our lives busier than ever before. The growing use of the internet, particularly social media, has completely changed the way of living. Many tasks such as watching a video clip, movie, listing news, making a video call, sending messages, booking a car, reserving tickets, fund transfer, taking and editing photographs, and much more need just a single click to perform. In the same way, the buying behavior of consumers has changed not only in developed but also in developing countries. Pakistan is not an exemption. Top online platforms such as Ocesta, Daraz, Qmart, and telemart report that online buying trend has increased sharply in Pakistan during 2020.


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Most consumers are buying online grocery items, medicines, and electronic gadgets. The reason behind the demand for these products is two-fold. First, the recent virus pandemic has bound the people to stay at home and avoid physical visits to shopping centers. Second, the growing use of the internet has increased the demand for electronic products and COVID-19 is also behind the rising demand for electronic products as it has enforced employees to work from home, students to study from home. Both employees and students need a computer, internet, microphones, headsets, and android phones, etc. to perform their tasks. Considering the current situation, the following are the best and reliable online store for shopping electronics in Pakistan.

Daraz, the leading online store with more than 12 million products, ensures hassle-free shopping with the option of easiest payment method that is cash on delivery. Among 100+ categories, it offers separate categories of electronic devices and electronic accessories. Mobile devices, laptops, desktops, security cameras, gaming products, and other electronics items and accessories of local brand local as well as international brands are available to buy online. To facilitate, low-income groups, used electronic items are also available. This platform is not only offering its services in large cities but also in small cities even villages across Pakistan.

Similarly, Telemart is one of the top online platforms for various types of products. Top categories include mobile, tablets, computer, gaming products, men and women fashion, kitchen appliances, home & living, health & care. Its gold-plated products such as phones, watches, jewelry, and accessories distinguish it from its competitors. It is also known as a good affiliate marketplace for digital marketers. The offer of a discount card and weekly cards are liked by many customers. Besides, daraz and telemart are promoting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan by facilitating the seller.

In contrast, Qmart, is one of the best online stores only for electronics in Pakistan. A wide variety of mobile, tablets, smartwatches of top brands is remarkable. A consumer usually prefers to buy iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, and watches from this store. It is also well-recognized for accessories of diverse variety such as Bluetooth hands-free, power bank, car, and mobile chargers, speakers, tablet and mobile covers, selfie stick, USB flash drive, Data cable, glass protectors, digital store and other. 

In sum, the above-mentioned online stores are online supermarkets with a large variety of products.