Rafia offering Modern Hand embroidered Designs in Clothing

“Old is Gold” as they all say, and it’s true actually. No matter how stylish we become and how modern we are, old-style never goes out of fashion. Clothing has always been a worry for women, and they keep trying something new. However, traditional clothing styles such as hand embroidery is yet another classy style that has been revived by Rafia.

Rafia – A New Name in the Pakistani Fashion Industry

Rafia.pk brand came into the field a few years ago and has already gotten enough fame. It is due to the hard work, the brand puts in her work, and a deep insight into a woman’s clothing needs. It keeps introducing something new and different style time and again, and that’s what makes it win ladies’ hearts. Rafia.pk recently launched its summer collection 2020 that was yet another hit by the designer.

What New Did Rafia Bring in 2020?

Rafia introduced modern hand-embroidered clothes in 2020. It is something unique, and rarely any designer did it before. Even if they did, there weren’t traditional colors in it. Rafia.pk brings clothes that are beautifully designed with a combination of both modern and traditional colors.

Hand embroidery was out of fashion because of the physical work it requires. Now, manpower has been replaced with machinery and most of the work is done with machines. In these modern times, Rafia tried something new and introduced some hand-embroidered clothes that also had a touch of modernization. The designing and coloring of those dresses are chic enough to go with your modern style; however, they have a traditional beauty in them. It became super hit and women are grabbing the dresses as soon as possible.

How to Find Rafia’s Hand Embroidered Dresses?

Now that’s a good question as there’s no separate category for these dresses. You have to find them yourself by looking into the details. The hand-embroidery is mostly done on semi-formals and formals, so have a look into these collections. The casuals do not lie in this category because they are either printed or machine embroidered. The dresses with hand embroidery look every bit fashionable, and they give a classy look when you wear them.

Once you have found the dress and read all the details, you can add it to the cart and wait for it to be delivered to your doorsteps. It will take three to five working days in dispatching, so keep patience till then. If you have any queries, try asking them before placing the order on the contact information given on the website. Give one of the hand-embroidered dresses by Rafia a try and make a valuable addition to your wardrobe. You will surely stand out among a crowd upon wearing it.