The Digital Era in Pakistan

The world is changing day by day, opening doors for the new ideas and innovations, becoming more accessible with just a click. One of the newest topics that we come across nowadays is Digital Transformation. The digital transformation is the amalgamation of digital technology into day to day activities of our lives. It is reforming the way how things were done, hence creating more value and jobs for the people.

Digital Transformation not only improves the existing technologies but also encourages innovations. The main reason for the accelerated adoption of digital transformation is internet penetration and the use of mobile phones. The benefits of digital transformation are unlimited; inclusive and sustainable growth, improved governance, and responsive service delivery are just to name a few.

Digital innovation can both generate value for business and unlock benefits for society, by creating jobs, and saving lives. Promoting an inclusive information society would emphasize digital literacy, local content, social intermediaries, and grassroots innovation. This digital transformation should include affordable access to the Internet and digital technologies; mobile finance; digitally enabled government to business transactions; platforms to facilitate trade and e-commerce; and Internet-based training and business services.

Mastering the digital transformation process demands solid managerial and technical skills, leadership institutions, policies and regulations for a digital economy, and a competitive communication infrastructure and ICT industry. It calls for strategies to strengthen academic institutions and reposition them for a digital economy. It calls on government to define clear roles for business, and development partners, and to build competent institutions to lead the transformation process.

This is where steps in. The Government has already started working on the transformation and hence initiated this digital initiative to train one million trainees for free in the future of work using the digital technology.’s mission is to create a million-strong workforce for a future shaped by the Fourth Industrial Wave, characterized by technology orientation, innovation and initiative. The program, revolutionizes the education system in Pakistan by using online technology to provide knowledge and skills free of cost to every citizen of Pakistan without any discrimination with knowledge, skills, tools & techniques necessary to seize the opportunities available internationally in online marketplaces as well as locally to earn a decent living. These courses are provided online in English & Urdu languages to cater the masses and will be the foundation of future source of income online.

The journey of the transformation is hard in Pakistan where people are traditionally maintaining less technology savvy culture and are more inclined to resist the digital transformation process. Therefore, the most daunting challenge of all is to sell the idea of change itself but with this great initiative, we have seen the rise of the digital era with thousands of online sign ups and the success of batch one. Wait no further and be a part of this digital mission so you can equip yourself for the future, sign up with to earn some easy money! Register at for free now.