Telenor’s new positioning recognizes every Pakistani a unique individual

Lahore – Individuality -We all yearn for it, we all work towards it, but only for as long as we can barricade the societal and personal limitations of ‘what will others think? I don’t think I can do this. How can I do this all by myself? What if I fail?’. So how to achieve that state of bliss where you are content with the person you are, for contentment of self, supersedes happiness in the long run.
The cultural and traditional norms in our beloved country are now based on a series of ‘haw-hayes’, which lay the ground for the dos, and don’ts of being a Pakistani. While these haw-hayes push us into confining ourselves, Pakistanis find opposing views in cinema, music and television which tell them to break free, and be a rebel for the most part.
Torn between these extremes, we end up with a confused and lost group of individuals, fighting a daily internal battle of conforming and breaking free, all at the same time.
In this daily rut of conforming, we tend to lose our individuality over time, as we become more and more set in the ways defined by others. We let go of our dreams, our passions, our hopes and wishes, which could have made us the best versions of ourselves one day. All of this makes up for millions of melancholic endings all across Pakistan, of people lost from within.
Between all of these barricades, with lives full of compromises, a telco has emerged with a message that stops us in our tracks and compels us to reevaluate our paths to rediscover our individualities and all that we seek.
Telenor 4G’s re-launch has given a simple, yet highly valuable message for every Pakistani – Jo Har Pakistani Chahay – a message to inspire every person on our soil that the possibility of getting what YOU WANT to be WHO YOU ARE is really possible, and YOU hold the power to that in your hands every single day.
Breaking away from passionless promises of ‘behtareens’ by all other telcos in Pakistan, Telenor managed to strike the right chord with it’s new brand positioning. Talking about what you want, when you want, how you want are all the avenues opened up by Telenor, for every individual out there – finally a Pakistani telco was able to see Pakistanis as unique individuals and did not group target them through vicious marketing tactics.
The new message talks to everyone out there, it speaks to and addresses the inner battle that every Pakistani struggles with all the time and it provides solutions, which help every Pakistani to take a step and find their best self. While we understand that marketing efforts by any organization are geared towards financial gains, it rarely happens that those efforts also create the marketing textbook concept of ‘customer is the king’ a reality – With ‘Jo Har Pakistani Chahay’ Telenor 4G was able to achieve just that.
Telenor’s new positioning recognizes that each and every Pakistani is a unique individual with unique requirements from their mobile operator, requirements that will be the drivers of change towards the best that every Pakistani has to offer.