TDF Magnifi-Science Exhibition travels to Thar

First of its kind exhibition at TCF-Engro Campus in Islamkot targets children and students from schools and universities across Tharparkar

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) Continuing the mission to make quality education accessible for all, The Dawood Foundation (TDF) in collaboration with The Thar Foundation, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC), Engro Powergen Thar Private Limited (EPTL) and Engro Corporation will be organizing the first TDF Magnifi-Science Thar Exhibition on 26th and 27th October in Islamkot, Tharparkar district.

TDF Magnifi-Science Exhibition is a collaborated effort of some of Pakistan’s leading corporations and public sector organisations along with academia, entrepreneurs and specialists in various science fields to promote the culture of science, technology and critical thinking in the country. The Exhibition is the largest science gathering in the country, in terms of audience, reach and impact.

In Tharparkar, the statistics of student performance in Science and Math is quite alarming. The latest Standardized Achievement Test conducted in Sindh reflected a poor understanding of Math and science in Tharparkar which reveals a score of 27.38 in Science and 30.04 in Math for Grade 5 students, whereas Grade 8 students scored 25.6 in Math and 26.8 in Science. There needs to be an effort beyond “classroom level” and in this part of the world where education is not a standardized facility, educational campaigns and events such as TDF Magnifi-Science can really make a difference and bridge the gap between practical study and school curriculum.

TDF Magnifi-Science Thar Exhibition will allow visitors, including students, teachers and general public to experience science through various interactive activities. The Exhibition is segmented into interesting themes such as Optical Illusions, Forces and Motion, Sound, Mind Games and Health. Each theme will have exhibits designed by professionals to explain the basic principles of science and their practical demonstration.

Sharing her views on hosting the exhibition in Thar, CEO of The Dawood Foundation Sabrina Dawood said “TDF Magnifi-Science is nationally recognized as an innovative method of promoting science literacy in society through informal learning. It is important to give the students of Thar a chance to experience science like their counterparts in the metropolis.”

Commenting on the exhibition, Shamsuddin Shaikh – CEO of SECMC and Thar Foundation said: “Thar Foundation has adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a model for inclusive development and creating broad-based impact across key sectors. The exhibition gels in with our strategy to enhance provision of a functional schooling experience for children and students of Tharparkar. The region of Thar is in need of such interventions given that the literacy rates stands at an abysmally low levels of 52% and 17% for males and females respectively.”

TDF Magnifi-Science is an open for public event and will be held at TCF School, Engro Campus, Islamkot Tharparkar on 26th and 27th October from 9am to 4pm.