Syngenta Pakistan hosts a Policy Dialogue on Sustainable Agriculture in KPK

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir) Syngenta is a leading multinational enterprise, revolutionizing the global agricultural sector, with its innovative products and solutions. Syngenta Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited recently organized a policy dialogue on sustainable agriculture in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province. This event was also in sync with Syngenta’s vision to achieve food security through higher yields & productivity by deploying new technologies in the country.

The session brought together key stakeholders from the public, private, development, and academic sectors, including; the Secretary – Agriculture Department of KPK, Director General (DG) Agriculture Extension of KPK, DG Environmental Protection Agency of KPK, Vice-Chancellor University of Agriculture Peshawar and representatives from prestigious institutions like; UNDP, UN-FAO, Plant Protection Department, Pakistan, Sustainable Development Unit-KPK and the University of Peshawar. Providing insights about the KPK government’s valuable initiative for the restoration of over 900,000 acres of agricultural land in KPK, the Provincial Secretary of Agriculture highlighted the need for immediate actions to deal with climate change and food security issues in the province.

Other distinguished speakers shared their expertise about the global best practices and suggested valuable contributions to enable sustainable agriculture in the province. A way forward for making the country and the province food secure was also discussed, while the participants urged the agricultural sector and its peripheral industry for coordinated efforts to deal with overlapping crises of: Food insecurity, climate change, water scarcity and rising temperatures, across the country. Participants appreciated the pivotal role played by Syngenta’s innovative crop protection, crop enhancement, seed care products and seeds, in promoting sustainable agriculture and food security, all over Pakistan. They lauded Syngenta’s efforts to initiate a policy discourse on sustainable agriculture in the province and the company’s pioneering solutions that promise higher farm-profits, crop quality and convenience for the farmers.

The Head of Business Sustainability and Crop Protection Development at Syngenta Pakistan – Mr. M. Tauseef ul Haq stated that: “This was a truly insightful conference and I would like to thank the key stakeholders of the agricultural sector for their great response to this forum.” Over the years, Syngenta has evolved a wide range of solutions to protect and enhance all major crops (including Cotton, Wheat, Rice, Sugarcane, Corn, Vegetables and Fruits) from pests, diseases, rough weather and environmental stress through its crop protection, biologicals, biopesticides, seed and other crop enhancement products. Healthy farm produce gives higher profits, convenience and quality to fetch a higher market price for the farmers and accelerate their socioeconomic growth. Syngenta’s “Naya Savera” an exclusive network of over 850 franchise centers – provides its whole range of products along with seed-treatment facilities to the farmers to ensure peace of mind for the growers. Syngenta revolves around addressing the challenges faced by growers in order to contribute towards sustainable agriculture growth and subsequently providing greater food security.