Statement of the IBA Karachi on the recent disciplinary actions

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) Recently, some disciplinary action taken by the IBA, Karachi, has gained attention due to social media coverage. This has led to pressure being applied on the IBA to achieve preferred decisions on committees which are completely independent and neutral.

We would like to inform all those concerned and interested, that the IBA has taken unprecedented decisions and actions in the last few days to ensure that students are safe, their concerns are addressed in a timely manner and any sort of irregularities by them are met with zero tolerance by the IBA administration. In order to keep the values and standards of the IBA at stellar levels, the IBA will not tolerate any disregard towards rules, regulations, ethics, and the code of conduct.

Our disciplinary rules, policies and the IBA code of conduct apply to all: faculty, staff and students, regardless. While some decisions have been made and communicated, other cases are pending with our respected committees, and decisions will be communicated after thorough scrutiny and investigation. The IBA administration will stand firm with the decisions made and formal concerns communicated via official channels will be addressed. Rather than jump to conclusions, the IBA believes that processes should be fair and fully transparent and according to IBA’s policies and all concerned parties and groups should await a final decision.

The IBA, Karachi, has a history of merit, transparency, and diversity. We strive to ensure that the image and integrity of this institution remains unparalleled. Being a public sector institution, we have set standards that other institutions have emulated. During the pandemic, we improvised with changing and challenging times to ensure that our students did not miss their academic sessions or exams, and successfully concluded their graduation on time. The IBA has been a pioneer in improvising the admissions process, classroom delivery, hybrid learning systems and SOP-abiding events, all thanks to a remarkable team and a participatory and inclusive decision-making process.

We continue meeting academic, ethical and administrative standards as times change, and we expect all participants to play a positive part in creating a healthy and inspiring environment for each other at the IBA.