Standard Chartered Bank and TPL Trakker collaborate to secure Auto-Financing solutions

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir) Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) is a leading global bank which has partnered with TPL Trakker – the most advanced IoT Company in Pakistan, for Tracking, Telematics, Mapping and Location-Based Services. This strategic alliance has created a one-window solution to manage and secure the automobiles financed by the bank, as the Auto-Financing sector in Pakistan has risen to an unprecedented volume of 338 billion Rupees. Through this resourceful partnership, TPL Trakker will provide cutting-edge facilities like Warehousing, Vehicle-Monitoring Systems and Direct-Tracking of vehicles.

Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan will leverage these services to enrich its offerings and auto-finance solutions. As the demand is forecasted to grow significantly in future, the evolving needs of the car-financing sector need to be catered to, while these financed-assets can be monitored for complete safety, to ensure the consumers’ peace of mind. A ceremony was recently held to sign this agreement, and the Country Credit Head of Consumer, Private & Business Banking (CPBB) at Standard Chartered Bank – Mr. Hamid Sameen and the Chief Executive Officer of TPL Trakker – Mr. Sarwar Ali Khan, personally graced this event, along with several senior executives from their award-winning and innovative organizations.

On this occasion Chief Executive Officer TPL Trakker – Mr. Sarwar Ali Khan said, “Through this collaboration with Standard Chartered, we want people to drive their favorite cars without worrying about security. We are committed to enable the banks in Pakistan to meet their financial obligations with no worries about uncertainties and adversity. Our facilities are adding more convenience and safety to the auto-financing services offered by the banks.”

Hamid Sameen, Country Credit Consumer, Private & Business Banking (CPBB) SCBP on the occasion said, “Creating exceptional value and convenience for our consumers is always our top priority at Standard Chartered Pakistan. We are creating synergies with the most progressive enterprises, to go beyond our customers’ expectations in ensuring financial-security and a higher quality of life. Our innovative Auto-Finance solutions are built to address major challenges, while we have established a diverse portfolio of discerning clients, who want the best of facilities, protected and backed by the most reliable companies, like TPL Trakker.”

Standard Chartered Bank has been operating in Pakistan since 1863. Over the recent decades, establishing a strong auto-financing market in Pakistan has become an important part of its growth strategy, to enable socio-economic prosperity for the whole nation. SCB was also the pioneer of an Islamic-Banking branch network in Pakistan – ‘Saadiq’, which is now offering a wide range of Islamic-Financing products. SCB Car-Financing include Islamic mode only , while its operations are backed by state-of-the-art digital technologies.